Website development includes building a website’s core structure using programming languages, while web designing is related to the user interface and user experience design. They both work side by side. Web developers use their coding skills to breathe life into a web designer’s creative vision.

Website development services vary across a wide range of domains including web engineering, e-commerce platform development, web design, client-side/server-side scripting, web server, network security configuration to name just a few.

Multiple programming languages can be used to develop a website. Some of the most renowned languages are PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, and JavaScript frameworks (Angular JS, React JS, Django).

Cross-platform mobile app development allows developers to create a unified API on top native app SDKs and develop android and iOS apps that share the same code base. Usually, Xamarin, React Native and Kotlin are used to develop a cross-platform mobile app.

Yes, you can develop your own mobile application using many DIY platforms available online. However, these apps will usually have general features available on the platform. If you want to build an app with specific features you will either need to have coding skills or you can hire mobile app developers to do it for you.

UI/UX services refer to the team of skilled and creative UI/UX professionals with proven experience in the design and development industry. They are extremely knowledgeable about how end-users interact with the digital platforms and how to create user friendly interfaces for enjoyable customer experiences.

UI designer is responsible for the visual design of the application or web page such as branding, and graphic design. Whereas UX designer is responsible for interaction design, wireframes, and prototypes, and usability testing.

User interface design is more about the visual design of the application or webpage. It involves branding, and graphic design, animation, colors, layout, and typography. Whereas user experience design is how users interact with your website, and it involves interaction design, wireframes, prototypes and usability testing.



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